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Comic Book Covers

Commentary by Phil. Scans from my personal collection

June 1976

April 1977

The 70's

after 2 network changes Underdog was cancelled in 1973, it was still popular enough to hold it's own Whitman comic book down. Whitman had a lock on any TV related comic books, These stories were smart and funny and drawn in the Filmtel Peter Peach/ R. Maury style.Some stories parodied popular comics like Marvel's Silver Surfer and others. In my opinion these comic books held the most true to the show.


Pin Up From Comic

The 80's

In 1987 Comics were becoming more geared towards adult fans of the comic genre. Independent comics like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired a lot of independent comics companies to take a chance on Underdog who had found new fans who had seen the program in syndication on local channels. Too bad Spotlight Comics couldn't have kept it's run going until 1989 to coincide with Underdog's 25th Anniversary!

September 1993

May 1994

The 90's

In 1993 Underdog was experiencing a resurgence for his 30th Anniversary. The Underdog Show was running on Nickelodeon. Underdog was on a Frosted Cheerios commercial. A deal with Golden books to distribute the newly edited episodes on VHS emerged. The comic franchise went to Harvey Comics (Known for Casper, Richie Rich and Sad Sack.) These comics were geared towards kids with silly stories and "color me" pages.

Now that this Millennium is in full swing. Underdog is rerunning on Cartoon Network's Boomerang Channel and a movie on the way as well as a fine set of well edited DVD's out. Who knows what comic book company will be brave enough to put out a new underdog comic book? Be sure to check out our artwork section to see what the modern artists take on Underdog is.