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Suzanne, much to her chagrin has made several apprearances on the Howard Stern Radio Show. Although she was merely calling to speak to Howard or Gary off the air they always put her on the air. They seem rather fascinated with her. Little known fact, In 2002 Howard Stern sent her a gift of an Underdog DVD. Which she could not utilize. She even tried it in the VCR but alas to no avail. Stern even had a plan to put out his own "Underdog" straight to video film (Undercutting Disney/Spyglass) but to date no script has materialized for Suzanne's perusal.

Suzanne has written a script called "Simon Says-Pollute the Airwaves" in which Stern and Simon Bar Sinister strike a deal to get Underdog once and for all. I hopefully will put it up on the site soon.

These archived show synopsis were culled from Marks site. It has the most up to date and accurate synopsises of the Stern show. He monitors the airwaves so you don't have to.

Suzanne Muldowney (Underdog) Calls In. 10/05/06. 6:45am
Gary came in and told Howard that he had a very nervous Suzanne Muldowney on the phone. He said that she really wasn't thrilled about coming on the air. Howard asked her how her life is going but she was so nervous that she could barely speak. Howard reminded everyone about who she is and how she does interpretive dance for Underdog and other characters.

Suzanne said that she'll be doing some parades this month as Vlad the Impaler. Howard asked her if she has a boyfriend right now. She told Howard ''No comment'' and didn't want to talk about her personal life. She did say that she has one nephew but she doesn't see him much because he lives so far away. Howard asked her about her parents but she didn't want to talk about that. Howard said he just wanted to know if she's happy. She said that she is but he said she sounds sad to him.

Howard said it seems that this life Suzanne has chosen is a very sad life. He asked her about any pets she might have. She does have a cat. Suzanne said that she was kind of born a cat under the sign of Leo the lion. She said she doesn't really believe in that stuff, someone just pointed it out to her.

Suzanne said she had something important to say so Howard let her go ahead with that. Suzanne said that she's gotten a lot of positive e-mails in the past month or so and she's very happy about that. She said she's not happy about the e-mail she's gotten in the past where people tease her about what she does. Suzanne said that ''Stern'' used to tease her years ago and people still give her a hard time when she does events.

Howard said it sounds like things are turning around for her but she said that there are still people out there who give her a hard time. Howard told her that's because some people seem to think that her act is a goof. He said even if she wasn't on his show she may have still experienced that type of behavior.

Howard said he had a guy who might be interested in her and wondered if she was interested in dating. She said she's not interested. She just wanted to plug this stuff she wanted to plug. The documentary about her life is going to be playing at the Coney Island Film Festival this weekend. The movie is called ''My Life as an Underdog'' and she has approved of this movie.

Howard wondered if Suzanne is getting paid for this movie. She said she's not so Howard and Robin tried to convince her that she should be getting paid. She said that it keeps her name out there and she's not looking to make money from it. She just wants to keep her name out there apparently. She didn't want anything to do with this guy that Howard was trying to push on her.

Suzanne said that she can't go to the film festival this weekend because she has to take her cat to get a rabies shot. That's more important than her movie being featured at a film festival. Howard told Suzanne that she should have a man because she deserves happiness. Suzanne said that there are other ways of being happy and she doesn't need to date. She also said that she doesn't want kids of her own. Howard said that's too bad because she'd make a good mother. He said that she seems to be in good shape and she seems to be a very loving woman with upstanding morals.

Howard wondered if Suzanne was wearing her costume. She said she was wearing civilian clothes. Howard said he remembers her having nice legs. She said that's because her costume called for it. He said that he kind of got turned on by her back when he first saw her many years ago. He said he had some dirty thoughts about her back then. Gary told Howard that she usually goes out for a walk at this time of day so she does care about her health.

He said it's too bad that she's not interested in dating a man. Howard wondered if she was burned by men in her life. Suzanne said she never had anything like what they were talking about and she's never even been with a man. She's a virgin but she didn't want to talk about that. She just wanted to get plugs for her movie being played at the Coney Island film festival. She got in a plug for the web site where you can find out more...

Howard asked Suzanne if her parents had a happy marriage. Suzanne wanted them to leave her family out of this. She kept sighing and didn't want to talk about dating and kissing men. Howard asked her if she was sexually abused as a child. She didn't answer so Howard assumed that she had been. Maybe that's why she has become this super hero character. Suzanne seemed to be freaking out that they were going into these topics so she just asked for more plugs for this film festival thing.

Howard told Suzanne that Robin admitted to having used meats and vegetables to pleasure herself and he wondered how Suzanne could never have done that. She asked that they please not go there. Gary asked Suzanne if she has any love for any men. Suzanne said that her high school health teacher pretty much convinced her that she shouldn't have any sexual relationships with anyone before they're in a long term relationship. She said that it would be considered improper back then. Howard told her that she's an adult now and that type of thing doesn't apply to her now.

Howard told Suzanne that he's 52 years old and he weighs 187 pounds and he's 6'5'' tall. He told her that she may need to just walk faster. She said she had enough at that point and just wanted to get off the phone. She was still upset by the discourteous hecklers that bother her at the events she participates in. She said she's been going through that for the past 14 years and she's tired of it. She got in one more plug for her movie and then hung up on him. Howard said that they won't hear from her for the next 5 years. Gary gave him credit because that was probably the longest they've ever had her on the phone. They lasted 19 minutes.


Underdog on Voice Mail 10/06/06. 8:05am
Howard came back from break and said that they heard from Underdog (Suzanne Muldowney) because she was upset about them asking her inapropriatel questions when she called in yesterday. He said that Gary got a voice mail from her so he played that. In the message you can hear cartoons on in the background. Suzanne tells Gary that she was upset about the sexual questions that came up yesterday. She said that Howard Stern's company can still not be trusted. She got in a plug for a parade that she's going to be doing in New Jersey. She said that's the place that's the worst for her as far as hecklers go. Howard said that the hecklers have been bothering her since she was in grade school so he can't imagine that he's made it any worse.



Suzanne Muldowney Calls In. 12/02/05. 7:05am
Howard came back from break and said that Gary had gotten a call from Suzanne Muldowney, who may be one of the best guests on the show. She has a show coming up soon and wants to promote it today. Howard had her on the line to read her statement. Suzanne was nervous but Howard turned the microphone over to her to make her statement. She was giving one word answers to everything that he said. She wouldn't give her statement for some reason so Howard had to ask her multiple times to do it.

Suzanne eventually gave her statement and said she's got a movie coming out about her life called ''My Life as an Underdog'' and you can see a preview of the movie at She gave the statement, told Howard to watch himself in the future and hung up. Howard wanted to talk to her and offer the movie on Howard Stern On Demand so people could see the movie but she didn't stay on the line long enough.

Howard said he wanted to talk to Suzanne about the way she blames his show for people making fun of her at the parades she appears in. He wanted to find out if it's really his show that causes that or if it's her. Gary came in and said that it was very odd that she was calling in to promote something because she's never done that in the past. They figured that she must have gotten a call from someone who made her make the call. Gary thought it was nice that they finally got to talk to them before they leave terrestrial radio. Howard also said he likes that Suzanne has finally been tainted by the entertainment world.

The guys talked about the old days when Suzanne would come on the WWOR TV show and claim that she was being held against her will. That account is downloadable here


* 11/14/02. 9:05am Many years ago Suzanne, Muldowney who dances as Underdog, appeared on Howard's show and WWOR TV show. She told Howard that she's been ''suffering non-stop'' for the past 10 years because of how Howard treated her back then. She said he gave her a bad name and ruined her reputation. She said he was filthy in his dialog and pulled pranks on her back then. Howard stayed calm and said they were old friends. She went on to complain about how spectators at a parade were bothering her last year and she tried to get them to stop. She said because they wouldn't stop bothering her, she was kicked out of the parade. She said she gets angry when people tease her and that's what got her kicked out. She said that Howard was the one who looked her up, she didn't look to get on his show. Gary came in and tried to talk to her but she just kept on yelling. She said she lost a TV show because she appeared on Howard's show. Howard said he thinks that's a bunch of crap and her act is just so scary that she freaks everyone out. She yelled at Howard to make people stop teasing her. She hung up before they had a chance to really get through to her and let her know that they didn't do anything wrong. She was saying that she was ''lured'' on to the show and then treated like crap. Gary pointed out she came back a second time even after she was treated so poorly. Howard said when they got he call today he actually had Fred end the commercials early so they could get to the call. Stuttering John said he just hoped that she'd hold on long enough for Howard to get to her. Howard took a couple of phone calls from some listeners and they loved Suzanne. Howard said he would have kept her on the air for an hour and a half if he could have but she hung up on him.

Suzanne (Underdog) called back in. She said Howard was being his usual insensitive person and was insulting her earlier. Howard told her that he was fascinated by what she did back then and she knew what she was getting into when she kept coming on the show. Howard told Suzanne that his father actually worked on the Underdog cartoons many years ago in his recording studio. That silenced Suzanne for a few seconds but then she said Howard ''maligned it'' by surrounding her with X-rated show content. The longer she was on the phone the angrier she got. She started out mellow but within a couple of minutes she was yelling at him again until she became really angry and hung up on him. Howard told John to try and get her on the phone again.

Benjy told Howard he didn't know exactly who she was so Howard explained her to him. Howard said she believed she was never ridiculed but he knows she was. He and the rest of the guys spent some time talking about just how odd she is. Howard said they could do 4 hours a day for a year and not run out of material.

Dominic Barbara called in and said he has a friend that wants to hire her and it could be worth up to $2500. Howard didn't want anyone goofing on her so he asked Dominic if he was serious. He said he was and asked Howard too hook her up if she called back. Vinnie Favale from CBS called in and reminded everyone of who she looked like. He said Suzanne looked like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Howard finished up the Underdog discussion and took another break so they could get to Robin's news.

* Much later during Robin's news Stuttering John got Suzanne (Underdog) back on the phone. He told Howard that the only way she'd agree to come back on the show was if Howard told his fans to stop bothering her in public. Howard did that and she also told him to stop calling her ''Underdog Lady'', she's just ''Underdog.'' Howard sweet talked her and told her he misses her and thinks he loves her. He said he dreams of getting to know her better. She wasn't taking that the right way though. Howard told her that she was responsible for his divorce in a strange way. She didn't believe that and also figured he was going to blame her for his WWOR TV show being canceled 10 years ago. Howard confessed his love to her over and over again but she just wanted him to make his fans stop bothering her. Howard told the fans to stop taunting her and continued to try and win her back over. Howard called her his ''lady love'' but she didn't want any part of that. Howard told her that he really does love her but her anger just wouldn't go away.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Underdog slapped his kid when he refused to stop taunting her. She said she never hit anyone; she just shook her fist at the kid. Howard defended Suzanne and continued to try and win her over. She continued to repeat her plea for Howard to make everyone stop taunting her. Howard put the word out again for people to stop bothering her and ended up singing a love song to her. Underdog said she's not sure she can trust him. Howard sang that he had romantic feelings for her but after a few minutes of that she hung up on him again. Stuttering John asked if they should try to book her for the show the next time she calls in. ''Of course!'' Howard yelled at John.
Howard took a call from boxer Shannon Briggs who called in to tell Howard to lay off of her a bit. He got in a plug for some event he was doing tonight before Howard got off the phone and wrapped up the rest of the news.

*11/15/02. 7:30am
Howard spent some time taking phone calls and talking about some news stories he read this morning. He read that Mick Jagger was turned down by a 17 year old girl he was hitting on. Howard and the guys spent a short time on that before moving on to the Underdog discussion. the woman known as Underdog called in after a 12 year absence. She complained about how Howard's fans have been goofing on her relentlessly since she appeared on his WWOR TV show. She ended up calling in three different times during the show yesterday so Howard replayed those calls for the people who may not have heard them. After playing the calls again Howard spent a little more time talking about what happened. Gary came in and said that she called him back later in the morning and asked that the fans leave her alone this holiday season at the parades she appears at. Gary said she was also disturbed by some of the stuff Howard was singing to her during her final call. Howard joked that she was the reason for his divorce and she found that kind of disturbing. Howard took some phone calls from people who wanted to talk about Suzanne. One guy claimed that Underdog just shows up to parades without being invited. Howard said she doesn't mean any harm. He said he should show up at one of these parades and tell people that she's his girlfriend.

Howard talked about his WWOR TV Show from the late 80's and how they gave Underdog an award one time. When she went up to accept the award she flipped out on everyone and said she couldn't accept the award. Howard played the video from that show and described what she looked like as she approached the stage. She started out calm but the more she spoke, the more pissed off she got. This was her last appearance on his show. Howard said she went off for a good 10 minutes or so and he left every bit of it in the show. Howard took another call from a listener who said this was the funniest thing she's ever heard.

12/5/02. 6:05am
Gary came in and told Howard that Suzanne ''Underdog'' Muldowney was on the phone. Suzanne is upset with rumors that Disney is going to ruin the cartoon character by making a live action movie about him. According to Suzanne, the movie will show that Underdog got his powers from an explosion in a chemical factory. She told Howard that the creator of the character never had an explanation for that and this shouldn't happen. She was whispering on the phone because she was so nervous about talking to Howard. He told Suzanne that perhaps they should team up on this and do something about it. Suzanne said that she's afraid that people will forget, or refuse to believe, that she exists. Robin asked her where Underdog actually got his powers. Suzanne told her that they never explained that. He was ''just there.'' Gary said Suzanne is afraid that this could mean the end of her and the fact that she keeps the character alive. She said people may think that it's the quintessential story and will overlook her. Howard wondered if they should be consulting her for the script. Suzanne said that the person who does play the character may take her place. Howard said she should listen to Adam West tomorrow because he had a similar situation. She seemed to agree and said Adam begged to play Batman in the movies and was turned down. Gary asked Howard if he thinks Underdog would be played by a male or female actor. Howard said it'll probably be a guy but it could be a woman. Suzanne pointed out that Sandy Duncan played Peter Pan and other people have played characters of the opposite sex. Howard said the people in the industry are very narrow minded and are looking for a big star to play the part. Howard ended up asking Suzanne if she'd be willing to play the part of Underdog if he made a half hour, straight to video, movie. She said she'd have to read the script to make sure it all makes sense first. Howard agreed with her and said it would be straight Underdog, no nudity. Howard said he was going to try and get an original cartoon script and perhaps, create a live action video. Howard took a call from a guy who said the Underdog movie is going to be CGI (computer graphics), not live action. He said the worst part will be the person doing the voice. Suzanne hung up at this point for no obvious reason. Gary went back and caller her again a short time later. Meanwhile, Howard wondered who would play some of the other parts. He also took some phone calls. One guy said that Underdog's alter-ego was Shoeshine boy and when he wanted to become Underdog, he took a pill. Howard wondered where the pills came from but the guy didn't have the answer. Artie said there were times when he took ''super energy pills'' and he flew pretty high on those. Howard said he wished Suzanne hadn't hung up on him. He really wants to make this movie with her. He said he'd go shoot it with E! if they'll give him the money. He said he could probably raise the money himself and have it go straight to video. He said it would be awesome.

Gary got Suzanne back on the phone and told her about the power pills. She said those were just recouperative pills and they don't explain where his powers came from. She said he didn't take them in every episode. Suzanne claims that someone has been filming her for the past 4 years and is putting together a movie of her dressed as a bunch of characters. Howard asked her if she'd be willing to appear in this movie if he puts it together. Suzanne said Howard once told her that Underdog was just a ''silly show.'' Howard told her that he's grown since then. Suzanne told Howard that she has revised all of the scripts to make Underdog smarter than he appeared back then. Howard wondered why she'd want to change them though. Howard offered her a great deal to do this movie but she was resisting. Howard said he'd look into the possibility of making a Broadway play out of it too. Howard asked her to make a commitment to him but she said they have this documentary coming out already. He and Robin tried to talk her out of doing that and told her that taking on Disney is going to be tough. Suzanne told Howard she'd have to see what he has to show her for this movie. Howard said they'd shoot it up in Toronto and asked her if she'd be able to do that. She said the character was created in the United States. Howard told her they were just doing that to save money. Suzanne didn't seem to like the straight to video part of the deal. Robin told her that the Olsen Twins do a ton of movies that go straight to video and they're millionaires. Howard said he'd even ask Mary McCormack to play the part of Polly and John Lithgow to play Simon Bar Sinister. Suzanne thought it might be better to have a more updated evil presence in the movie. She suggested having a drug dealer as the evil character. Suzanne then told Howard she had to get going. Howard tried to keep her on the phone for a few more minutes. She sat and listened to Howard as he told her about what he'd do with the movie. She eventually hung up on Howard when he continued to beg her for an answer. Howard said he's going to give up on it if she's going to be like that. Howard told Gary to get her back on the phone again.

Vinnie Favale from CBS called in and told Howard that he has the name of the guy who is producing the movie. He said he'd give it to him off the air. Howard said he'd go to that guy and ask him for the rights to do this half hour short. Howard was about to take a break but Gary got Suzanne on the phone once again. She hung up but he was able to get her again a minute later. Suzanne told Howard that he just kept going on and on after she told him she'd look at whatever he puts together. Howard apologized to her about that and let her go off on him for a minute. He spent a couple more minutes talking to her about what he's going to do and let her go. A listener called in and said he has to make that video happen. He said he'd buy 20 copies. Howard said he never thought he'd be working on a project like that with Suzanne after she got mad at him and refused to come on his show for ten years. Howard took a break shortly after that.

* 12/6/02. 6:05am Stuttering John came in and said that he had Underdog on the phone and she was very upset. He said that even she understands why Happy Days went bad when Fonzie became an unbelievable character. Howard put her on the air and spoke to her about Fonzie for a short time. Yesterday she refused to speak up and today wasn't much better. She was almost whispering as she was talking. Underdog told Howard that she's still upset about Howard's fans bringing up his name in front of her. She keeps asking Howard to make them stop but they won't. John said he told her to ignore them. She doesn't and they won't stop. She got very angry a couple of times when she told Howard that they ''did NOT stop'' bothering her. She told Howard that he spoiled her reputation years ago when she was on his show. Howard told her that her act is very unusual and that is provoking people to react to it. He and the guys tried to convince her that the fact that people still relate her to Howard's show is pretty impressive. She made quite an impression on people over 10 years ago. Howard told her that what she does makes people get weirded out and they react to it. Underdog got very upset and ended up hanging up on Howard again after getting out her thoughts on the whole situation. Howard thought it was pretty strange that she's blaming all of this on him. The guys said that she was probably being goofed on before she was on the Howard Stern Show but people weren't yelling out his name. Howard asked people to stop bothering her. He also said he could replace Robin with Underdog and listen to her all day. Robin got a little upset about that so Howard said he could replace himself with her. Howard took a break after that discussion