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Character Galleries  

By Suzanne Muldowney

originally acted out on the Checkerboard Kids Program

To see the actual clip from the show click here!

An earthquake had struck. Townspeople and rescue troops were busily at work trying to restore utilities and free trapped citizens from fallen debris.

1: people walk about with walkie-talkies, lifting rubble and scouting for people. Some men find a person and lift her out of the rubble.

Underdog was standing by, waiting to act in case of extreme emergencies.

2: Pan over to Underdog ever vigilant, hand over eyes surveying the mass destruction. But wait, he hears something!

Just then he heard a wailing noise. It came from a house where a section of wall had collapsed and water was trickling out across the floor. The wail sounded like an animal crying.

3: cut to cat standing next to wall area. We'll edit in the mews later.

Underdog punched through a part of the wall where the sound had come from the other side. He peered into the hole, and then reached in. Out of the hole he pulled a live cat, soaked to the skin! He pressed the cat closely against himself, trying to calm it and dry it at the same time.

4: Underdog leaps to the wall. He touches a spot on the wall draws back his fist, then wham!

5: shot from inside where Underdog punches through wall. He looks in.

6: shot of broken wall. You can see cat.

5.5: U reaches in wall (2 shots) of cat being pulled out. (front & side)

7: U calms cat down.

But the cat, instead of relaxing, was still struggling. It was still mewing. It wriggled itself so that Underdog had to put it down, Wobbly on its feet, the cat stayed by the fallen wall, staying clear of the running water, and ceaselessly wailing.

8:cat wriggles free from U hopping to floor
9: cat sits next to brick wall.

Then Underdog heard, on the other side of the wall, a loud knock. There was another. He stooped down and peered into the hole again, and then wrenched free a larger portion of the wall where the water was coming directly underneath.

10: reaction shot of U she hears banging on wall. Listens with ear to wall
11: from inside, Sue rips even more of wall

On the other side of the wall was a room in which some water- pipes had burst. Part of the ceiling had collapsed directly on top of a man who, injured by the fallen ceiling, was lying in an accumulating pocket of water. The man had been banging on the wall for help! Townspeople rushed in and aided Underdog in saving the man from drowning and getting him safely out of the house.

12: Man lying on floor: Underdog! thank god it's you!

13: Construction worker: (With flashlight) There's one more down here! (To man) Keep still man! We'll have you out of there in a jiffy!

14: Man: Arrgh! My Ribs! (Work crew help him up) with a blanket over him the man recovers peacefully.

15: Underdog came out with the cat. "If this cat hadn't been mewing, I wouldn't have heard it to guide me to that man! This cat's a hero." (Close up on cat!)

Some time later, there was a town meeting in which its officials commended the citizens who had aided after the quake.

16: crowd gathered while people are in foreground getting citations from Mayor, Including construction worker and police officer.

Citizens saw Underdog on the platform, but couldn't understand why he was holding a cat.

17: Crowd scratching head and confounded by cats appearance

When the mayor offered Underdog an award for his assistance, Underdog made sure to give the cat its due credit. The cat's owner was so pleased that his pet received rightful mention!

18: Mayor steps up to put award around Underdogs neck but he stops them and gives cat rightful attention
and the mayor puts it around cat's neck instead. Everyone cheers and applauds!

19: cats shot

20: Underdog beaming proudly

21:crowd shot including owner applauding.

20: close on cat then fade.