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Suzanne Muldowney is an improvisational dancer and choreographer. She is known for character portrayals, making her own costumes, and widespread touring, making many appearances on area television and mostly parades.

She was born in Camden, NJ, on August 13, 1952. She was first attracted to stage acting at age six but at thirteen she was inspired by theatrical dance. She studied ballet but was discouraged from creating or performing her own works. Instead she studied freestyle dancing and, in creating her dances, used mostly classical music not associated with established themes.

Her first public performances were in 1976 in Philadelphia. She danced Dracula. From there she took up touring on stage and television. In 1980 she began appearing in science-fiction convention costume contests and became identified with TV-cartoon superhero, Underdog. She began participating in parades in 1987. Besides Underdog, other characters she became known for included Dracula, Supergirl, The Ghost Of Christmas Past and Catwoman. Self-created characters include Spectrum the Ghost King, Lux Aurea, Shelley the South Jersey Shore Mermaid, Sunny Suzy the Summer Sunshine Mermaid, Pink Princess, Irish Cinderella, Yellow Angel, and the Olympic Spirit.

She has created several movement styles in line with how some sports are promoted as entertainment as well as athletic: Figure-Jogging, Spotlight Spacewalk, Balancercise, and Flyleaping.

Ms. Muldowney lives in Delran, NJ with her cat, Ebony. Besides dancing, she also sings soprano. Interests and skills include sewing, cross-stitch, artificial flower making, cake decorating, candy making, gift wrapping, medal-making, and angel-figurine making.