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Ever since the first rudiments of what we now call Halloween existed, one pervading element was stories of ghosts and other supernaturals arising for a night of partying. In time, story variations emphasized either self contained parties or terrorizing the live populace.

In the Middle Ages there was a poem written about an annual Halloween ghosts' dance party entitled "Dance of Death": one ghost was emphasized as the party organizer. In the 1800s, Charles Camille Saint-Saens wrote a classic-music piece, Danse Macabre, depicting the ghost leader summoning all the others, their lively waltz, and their dispersal at daybreak.

When I was made to listen to that piece in music appreciation class at school, I wanted to dramatize it as a ballet, but no one ever cooperated in becoming the ghost corps! I had heard of ghosts sometimes being called specters, but instead chose Spectrum for the head ghost's name since I had once worn a ballet tutu termed "spectrum" in the catalog because it had a lot of sequins in rainbow colors. Rather than a crown, Spectrum's ID would be a diamond necklace since the diamonds readily sparkled and diffused the light.

Since Halloween safety rules for costumes discouraged draped sheets with holes cut at the eyes, I made a long white robe and a head-encasing helmet with my face fully exposed, to ensure unhampered vision. Of course, I had the diamond collar. In time, I also made a white sheer cape for the illusion of fog and mist. When I began making public Halloween appearances out of doors, in the cold; I had to have an opaque white cape to keep myself warm!

These pictures were snapped by Phil During a Beyond Vaudeville live show at Carolines comedy club

Notice the center picture where Sue is pointing out Spectrum's diamond collar.

Underdog Spectrum  The Ghost King  Vlad The Impaler / Dracula
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